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Why Pitching to the Dragon?

Hi all,

I’m Yueran. I’m an avid video gamer, I love gaming. No matter how my parents would criticize me regarding this “addiction” that I have, I still played them when I was a kid back in China.

Just a random thought, the reasons why I came to the U.S. (Boston University, College of Communication) to pursue my academic goal are: 1. Academical achievement of course. 2. I get to get out of my parent’s reach, and have more time to play video games.

Video gaming is fun, it’s an opportunity to have a little “get away”, a chance to listen/watch a story and of course, a great time killer. Gamers like me are everywhere in China, but oddly enough, they don’t sell games there anymore. People download them, for free.

It must sounds like heaven to some of you huh? It’s not. The reason why China don’t sell video games, aside from the infamous non-copyright issue, video gaming is demonized out there. Take my parents as an example, the couple is relatively open-minded when it comes to me, they still take gaming as an activities for the “under-achievers” (If by any chance you’re offended, welcome to my life).

The reason I stated above is what I considered a major obstacle keeping video games from Chinaļ¼šIt’s demonized. It’s like a drug that consumes your life, energy, ambition and money.

But how many of you would actually agree with that? How many of you would think that the identity as a gamer would not be acknowledged in China is a good thing?

It is hard for gamers to change that situation in China. But hey, what about gamers with skills? Like, a PR professional?

As a PR professional wannabe, and of course a gamer. This is a very challenging task. However, I believe the change can be achieved. Thus I started this blog, with a purpose of making sales of video games possible in China and a goal of changing Chinese’s perception of video games.

For my future posts, I will be selecting gaming industry news related to China to comment, critique or sometimes to make fun of.

If you are interest in this, you’re more than welcome to comment on my comments, especially those who disagree, not for the sake of argument but for sharing a valuable perspective.

Thank you for reading the very first post of Pitching to the Dragon.