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Becoming an ethical gamer in China, a brief guide

Be an ethical gamer in China

Be an ethical gamer in China

Improving what we have in the Chinese game industry requires a combined effort from three ends:  the government, the game developers and the gamers. while as gamers we can only hope the government to loosen the restrictions and  the game developers to make quality games. As gamers we can also contribute to improve the gaming environment in China. Here are my thoughts:

Be proud of your gamers identities.

Gaming is a entertaining activity. despite all the negative issues that gaming has involved in, there is nothing to be ashamed of If you’re a gamer. It’s just as normal as, or should I say, as cool as a basketball fan or what else you have on your mind.

Don’t be a game snob.

You are a gamer, the games you play does not define who you are. you should not let other gamers judge you by your gaming preference and more importantly, you should not judge other people by the games they play either. Playing games like Halo does not make you worse than others and playing World of Warcraft certainly does not make you better than others. Respect other’s gaming preferences.

Give substantial advises to game developers when given the chance.

Support our game developers, encourage them to make high-quality games for us to enjoy.If the game is considered distasteful by you, try to be nice, tell the developers what you expect in a decent game, don’t curse them, they( at least most of them) work very hard to deliver the game to you and they deserve your appreciations.

Have leisure activities other than gaming

So that gaming would not be the thing that consume all your time. Or in other cases, If the situation won’t allow you to play games, you have some other ways to enjoy your spare time. Which I think, would be a solution to reduce gaming -related crimes in China.

Pay for your games, to the right person.

I can’t stress this enough – the copyright issue in China. Like I mentioned above, the developers worked very hard to deliver those great games to us, they deserve to be rewarded, both mentally and materially. After all, it’s what they do for a living. Paying for the game you like means a lot to them. And remember, give your money to the authorized retailers.

My expectations for a game reporter in China

game reporters in China are not taken seriously

game reporters in China are not taken seriously

Game reporter is perceived as a casual job in China, while it is actually not different from other kinds of reporters besides the topics their cover. Why game reporters are perceived as casual for a profession? Some of the reporters don’t take the career very seriously. I’ve identified the following aspect that some game reporters can improve based on my observation of some major gaming websites in China.

1. Less topic 10s of the hottest female characters

hot babe lists in Chinese gaming sites

hot babe lists in Chinese gaming sites,we had enough

It is fine for readers to have some “eye-candies”  occasionally, but stuffing contents like that on your landing page  almost everyday is not cool. Be considerate for your female readers, who might now being constantly offended by the cyber-collections you published. Besides, your judgement of beauty will be judged, and the judgement will always go to the comments.

2. Less IGN articles, more original thoughts

IGN, one of the major sources for Chinese game reporters

IGN, one of the major sources for Chinese game reporters

Every time when there is a new game, IGN will give a review. Chinese reporters do the same, but their reviews would just be a translation of the snapshot they took from the IGN review page. Where is your original input of the game? Of course you can use the IGN review as a reference, but it should stay as a reference only. If we as readers would like an review from IGN, we go to the website directly. It’s 2012, most of the Chinese gamers’ English skills are sufficient to handle an English game review. Speaking of English skills, If you really want to translate the original article, please translate them correctly. “Grammar police” is a global phenomenon, If you messed up the translation, you will be humiliated by them, in the comments, big time. And your credibility of reputation? Ouch.

3. Don’t publish snobbery articles.

Game snob

I’m just better than you noobs

We understand your preference when it comes to gaming, so you should also understand others’ preferences as well. Writing articles with a preference is one thing, bad-mouthing fans of different genre/platforms is another. The snobbery issue has already been pretty severe in the Chinese gaming society. Try not to worsen it.

4. Manage your tone.

Your tone is crucial to your website

Your tone is crucial to your website











We appreciate humor, but not all of us enjoy old, crude or inappropriate  jokes. Update your funny pool frequently and be serious occasionally, it is crucial to maintain some sense of authority and credibility for the website, If you take everything casually (whether it was your intention or not), eventually no one will take your articles seriously.