About Pitching to the Dragon and Me

Welcome to Pitching to the Dragon! This is a blog about gaming industry in China where I discuss, complain and some times make fun of related news and issues.

There you have it, Pitching to the Dragon.

About me:

This is me in a game,I didn’t put on a real picture because this one looks better

I’m a graduate student from China who is currently pursuing a master degree of public relations from Boston University College of Communication, and an NPC on a cellphone game. (Zday Survivor, created by Ed Anderson from Mongadillo Studio)

Besides that I’m an avid gamer. I love games, I love them so much that I decided my major in gradschool in order to promote them to people in China, where copyrighted, quality games are hard to find nowadays. (You are welcome to read more about my initiative in my very first entry posted here).

Blogging is not new to me (I started blogging when WordPress was called “microsoft space”), but this is the first time I blog with a clear purpose. So I really want to achieve something with what I wrote, what I’m writing and what I’m about to write here.  It’s always going to be biased and sometimes naive, and different inputs are more than welcome.

Your input will be an absolute help in improving the gaming environment in China.

Play hard.

Yueran Wei

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